Choosing a nonviolent struggle and the Israeli response


By: Yoko

The current Gaza March in front of the border with Israel is a nonviolent demonstration, while the response of the State of Israel to these nonviolent demonstrations was to fire at the Gazan demonstrators. These demonstrators are not endangering soldiers’ lives. Truth be told, there were those who claimed that there were attempts to cross the border, but this is irrelevant since an attempt to cross the border is not a risk to the lives of the soldiers and is not a sufficient reason for the shootings.

While the Gazans are demanding the right of return, the State of Israel chooses to murder these demonstrators. When Israel chooses to shoot at demonstrators, it chooses to murder people, it knows that people will be killed; 121 Gazan demonstrators were not killed by mistake, Israel chose to shoot them. Our commitment in this situation is to oppose murder, to speak up against the murder of the demonstrators. Our silence is equal to supporting murder.

And so the Palestinian struggle continues. At the moment, the Palestinians chose a nonviolent struggle. They could also have chosen for a violent one. The time will come for Israel to choose the solution and not to continue the violence and drag the Palestinians along in this violent struggle. There will come a time where Israel stops the siege and allows the Gazans to live a reasonable life, and start talking about issues like the right of return.

When the State of Israel chooses the violent path, even when it has different options, Israel chooses to not solve the situation. The question is why the Palestinians will not choose a violent struggle. Why should they choose to fight as well? What better is this current situation? For the Palestinians to have a reason to choose a non-violent struggle (like the current one), they should see that such a struggle has positive results, that something in this struggle is helping them and that something about this changes their situation.


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