The Bravest Girl


By: Raghad

Almost one hour before the time of Iftar, on the third Friday of Ramadan June 1st2018, her photo showed up on the social media saying she has been shot to death. I didn’t know her personally nor did I know her name. All of what I have heard or read about her was that she was the first female paramedic to help saving lives of Palestinians in Gaza during the Great March of Return protest which has started on the 30thof March. The news said,” the girl who volunteered to save lives, has passed away after being shot”. That was all, there was nothing else. They haven’t mentioned who she is, her name or age, or –most importantly- why and when she got shot.

After Iftar, all of the88 social media websites were talking about her. Her name is Razan Al-Najjar. The volunteer paramedic from The Palestinian Medical Relief Society. She was wearing her white coat and helping others as usual when she got shot. The pictures and videos showed that other paramedics and doctors tried to save her life but they couldn’t.

Everyone was feeling so sorry about what happened to her, but I envied her. Yes I did. I remember I saw her photo when the protest started. Only her photo and a few words describing how brave she was by showing up to help. I didn’t know who she was at that time, but I thought and envied that she has the opportunity to be next to the innocent wounded Palestinians.

Razan and I are the same age, 21 years old. We are both Palestinians, one lives in Gaza and the other in West Bank. Two Palestinian girls sharing the same dream. A dream that we have been dreaming of for so many years. Two Palestinian girls living in the same country but cannot reach each other, due to what ? to borders? IDs? Or what exactly?

I am talking about the same country. People can go anywhere in their country without being questioned, but not if your country is Palestine. In that country, which is considered one of the smallest countries in the world, you will be questioned, stopped and asked for an identification if you want to go from one city to another. Imagine that you need an identification in your own country!

I wish I could help and meet Razan, one of the bravest girls ever! Nobody could save her life whereas she saved the lives of many. May she rest in peace!


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