Mustafa Left Everything without Saying Goodbye

I will talk about one of the martyrs* who is a relative of mine.


The story begins on Thursday, October 20, 2016, a day that is not a normal one for the Nasser family. Mustafa came back from school to his own village, in the West Bank. He came home and later went to visit his uncle at his farm, situated close to road 60, near an Israeli military watchtower. Mustafa didn’t find his uncle at the farm and decided to get back to his grandfather’s house, but in order to get away from the watchtower he chose another track, around the place. On his way he was surprised to turn into an Israeli jeep. Suddenly soldiers opened fire and Mustafa, the only person on that road, was shot in the chest. The bullet hit his lungs and blew them up.

Mustafa left everything without taking leave, he had no idea. After Mustafa’s body was handed over to the forensic institute, a Palestinian physician was also present and said that was shot in the lungs, and his right lung had exploded.

* For Palestinians A Martyr is someone who has died in relation to the occupation. As Palestine is considered a war zone and anyone who has been shot or has died due to the occupation is considered a mytr. A martyr is someone who does not comply and refuses to give into demands of an external party. I.e. the Israeli military and is punished because of this.

*Names have been changed


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