My Experience with Windows

Windows Association enables us, Palestinian girls living under the Israeli occupation, to raise our voice and make it reach some of the Jews, let them know what we think, what is Palestine and what happened to us in the Nakba and other things that happened to us.
Snapseed (3)

How do the Jews see the army and how do Palestinians see it: the Jews regard the army as an organization that is meant to defend them and the state, and only see its positive side. But for Palestinians the army is the enemy who deprives them of their rights, restricts their free movement, dispossesses them of land and builds settler-colonies on it, murders children, women and young men. My experience at Windows teaches me that there are certain Jews who refuse to enlist in this army and go to jail for this. We as Palestinians see only the negative side of Israelis, but frankly there are quite a few positive ones. My experience in Windows is useful, beautiful but also very hard. Hard? Because I was wondering how during these two weeks together I could speak and express everything I need to, and naturally this was not enough. But when I think about it I realize I have managed to express as much as I could in the last days. I realize I began, or we began to take the right way, and I personally began to calm down. I am being understood, I managed to convey the right picture the right way, I reached my goal in a way that was meant for it and I hope we can continue this way. Many thanks.


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