About the Founders

This youth blog was founded in 2015 as a part of Windows’ Youth Triangle Program. Though new youth write for us now (and we always welcome new contributors!), the youth below have shaped what this blog has been and continues to be. Thank you for reading!


My name is Yoko. I live in Tel Aviv and I study in “Kehila” (that´s a community and democratic school). I am vegan, I love to draw and to write stories. I believe everyone has feelings, everyone can think and as a result, make choices. It doesn’t matter what background he/she comes from or if he/she/it is a human or a cat: He can study and change if he has the readiness to do it. Even if it sometimes seems to us that we will always stay the way we are today. Sometimes we choose not to learn, because we are afraid to change and not to be ourselves anymore.


My name is Moataz. I am 17 years old and an Arab Palestinian. I deal with occupation every day of my life.


My name is Raphael. I am 16 years old. I live and study in Tel-Aviv (in Ironi A high school, main focus on theatre). I’ve been active for Windows since I was 14 years old. Many people define me as a leftist, but I still shape my opinions and try to understand what is left and what is right.


I am Reem and I am 17 years old. I am from Jaffa. I study in the Open Democratic school in Jaffa, with focus on art. I’ve been active for Windows for 4 years already. As a political activist from childhood, it is important for me to share with others everything concerns the Palestinian topic, as well as human rights and liberty. I have friends everywhere; I love to hang out with them no matter where: At school, at the beach, in a coffee shop or just at home.


I am Na’ama. I’ve lived in Tel-Aviv since I was 7 years old. I like to play basketball and to take photographs. I study in the democratic school “Kehila” and I have been active for Windows for 3 years already. I am very interested in your opinions about education in Israel, because these days that topic keeps me busy.


I am Dana, and I am 16 years old. I study in Terra Santa school in Jaffa. I like to surf and to skate. In my free time I volunteer in the Zoological garden in Tel-Aviv. I’ve been active for Windows for 4 years already. For me, it is very interesting, because I hear and get exposure to a variety of opinions. Thus, I learn about different point of views and the current political situation.


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