Another Perspective

Yoko, 16, from Tel Aviv- Jaffa

This is a movie I made during the time of Operation Protective edge. The movie is about a person who decides to operate through non-violent ways, a person who changes their ways. The movie brings us a story about a Palestinian citizen of Israel who had in the past attacked a bus of Israeli soldiers.  Yet unlike other stories that come to us, in this story the person understands that such a means of resistance is not the right one and that there are other ways of operating for equality. We are used to hearing this narrative from Israeli soldiers, but how many of us have heard of a Palestinian who has undergone such a transition?

The movie also touches upon questions such as: What is a just solution and is someone who attacked soldiers a terrorist or freedom fighter? Even though it was evident that he is a good person, a person that chose a good path, I remember at the time that we filmed the movie that I was surprised.  I still thought that there was something tough about him. I looked at him and in some ways I couldn’t believe that he had done such a thing. I remember many times while we were interviewing him, I smiled to myself and thought: this person thinks exactly like me. In some ways you can say that at that moment I saw two people; and the person I had heard about was so different from the person in front of me. Yet there were also things that showed me I was wrong and that it was the same person. He still has his national identity and continues to believe in the struggle for equality between Palestinians and the rest of Israeli citizens. But differently from the past, today he believes in non-violent means of resistance, something that amongst other things stems from his past.